This is Real

On a lightner note from my first post, I am a very down to earth person. If you ever want the truth ask me and you’ll probably get extra. I try to be very open about my experiences in mothering and homemaking.  This is my living room tonight at 7:30PM. 

It is -49 degrees here. Yes I am serious. The girls and I haven’t left the house in days. But our living room would look like this even if we’d just come home. Notice my toddler getting ready to jump off the ottoman for the 700th (not exagerated) time today. 

Behind me the table still has plates from dinner, the sink is full of dishes, the floors could use a cleaning. I’ve  also bascally all the laundry to clean and fold and put away.  It’ll probably look just like this tomorrow. Let’s be real, I love my kids and I want to spend some time with them (help them tire themselves out) before bedtime, so the house will wait.

It is not always like this some days I do have a clean house and my laundry and dishes are done. Some days I’m not in my  pajamas. Most days I am. Because most days its just not worth it to get dressed just to get paint and spit up all over before my husband (or anyone) gets to see me. I don’t really care if I look insane.  You know why? My kids are clean, and dressed and ready to go. That to me is a win for the day. 

If you want to ready about a picture perfect mother this is not your blog. If you want a midly insane short mom with a messy house I’m your gal.